Greg Lovett

9 Years

The first Late Breakfast Thame was nine years (and one month) ago. How has life changed for small businesses since then, and how might it change in the next nine years?

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Alternatively, if you turn up on the day the entrance fee of £12 (including light refreshments) is payable at the door by cash/cheque.

Timings 9am for a 9.30am start and we aim to finish at 10.30am.

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Dates for your diary


12th January - Sarah Fletcher, Mushroom Souffle Social Media

9th February - Matt Collins, Lighthouse Financial Advice Ltd

9th March - Jez Fernandez, iCommunicate Ltd

13th April - Paul Carpenter, P C Services Electronics

11th May - Christine Rayner,Tangram Limited - Outsourcing to Grow your Business

8th June - Cancelled due to the Election

13th July - Regina Lally, Databasix UK Ltd

10th August

14th September - Mike Jennings, Jennings Business Mentors

12th October-Beck Reid, Thame Town Council

9th November - Greg Lovett, Fizz - 9 years